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Peace be upon you. Tesigner It is an online e-commerce site headquartered in morrocco ,Through its website, the company facilitates consumer-to-consumer commerce and contributes to retail trade.

It is an online e-commerce site focused on antique or homemade items and craft supplies. that deals with a range of general technical and cultural fields. This blog was created and developed by its owner, Ali Lakhdim, in 2013. Join our team.

This site was created and developed by Ali Lakhdim for 9 years of perseverance and hard work. We care about the privacy of our visitor and safety in browsing, so you should read these notes

In our site, the priority in our work is the privacy of the visitor, as it is of great importance to the site staff, and all the points of the privacy policy that we will address in this document represent the basic lines of all kinds of personal information that we collect about the visitor and how we use this information in order to facilitate browsing and security..

Our site uses a group of advertising companies and we rely on Google Adsense as the main source to display ads on our site, when you visit our site, Google Adsense has the right to use information about your visits to this site (except for the name, address, email address or phone number) in order to provide advertisements about Products and services of interest to you via cookies.

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Log files:
These files are considered like most other site servers, and from here we conclude that our site uses the browsing and log files system, and this includes the following information Internet protocol (addresses, browser type, Internet service provider "Internet Service Providers", date / time, and number of clicks to analyze trends ).

The cookie technology uses information about visitors' interests, in addition to registering for tourism, tourism offers the best content on the Internet to make it easier for you to search and search for favorite topics.

We add to this the companies that announce the publication in TDesigner , watching limited to their pages of our site and you, dear visitor.

This information is used in the development of its 
advertising and data, which is an example of Internet business.
Its affiliates have the right to use technical means (such as cookies, network settings, and special JavaScript codes), the purposes we mentioned above are to develop advertising content for these companies and measure interaction with these ads, without any other goals that may be avoided in any way Latest on our site visitors

* And of course, if we want to get these files, then after your message to take you for repair
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