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welcome to TDesigner guide here you will find everything about how to use our app privacy ?

1. What are the Server Requirements to activate the script?

2. How to install the script?

3. How to activate the script?

4. How to download the latest version?

5. How to upgrade to the Latest Version?

6. Where will I find the purchase code?

7. How to upload products from admin?

8. How to upload products from sellers?

9. How to translate product information in multiple languages?

10. How to purchase products?

11. How to set up a website?

12. How to set up the Header part?

13. How to Set up the Footer part?

14. How to set up the Home pages part?

15. How to Set up the Policy pages part?

16. How to Set up the General part?

17. How to create a flash deal?

18. How to manage Order?

19. How to manage sellers?

20. How to see customer info??

21. How to send a newsletter??

22. How to configure payment methods??

23. How to configure the SMTP system?

24. How to Configure Facebook Login API?

25. How to configure Facebook pixel?

26. How to configure google plus login API?

27. How to configure twitter login API?

28. How to configure Facebook Chat?

29. How to set up currency?

30. How to add a new currency?

31. How to set up language?

32. How to manage general settings?

33. How to manage the Staff panel?

34. How to manage shipping for products?

35. How to manage your wallet ?

36. How to create a coupon?

38. How to request money withdrawal as a seller?

39. How to pay for seller withdrawal requests as an admin?

40. How to enable maintenance mode?

41. How to create a pickup point?

42. How does a customer “chat with a seller” work?

43. How to add Attribute for the system?

44. How does the attribute work?

45. What is the new advanced filter option?

46. How to upload bulk products from the admin panel?

47. How to upload bulk products from the seller panel?

48. How to translate using Google translate?

49. How to use Classified Products?

50. Who to use Digital Products?

51. How to configure the Amazon S3 file system?

52. How to migrate existing uploaded files to s3?

53. How to configure Ngenius credentials(test account)?

54. Which options are translatable in multiple languages?

55. How to configure Bkash payment gateway?

56. How to configure the Nagad payment gateway?

57. How to configure product wise shipping cost?

58. How to configure flat rate shipping cost?

59. How to configure Seller Wise Flat Shipping Cost

60. How to configure city wise flat shipping cost?

61. How to configure Redis cache support?

62. How to configure firebase console setup for push notification?

how to use a Coupo?