shipping and payment term

payment terms :

The minimum order value in our online shop is EUR/USD 1.

Within USA we offre free shipping of charge from an order value of 50.00 EUR - you save € 4.90!

We ship all orders without exception as an insured package, both domestically and abroad. This is the only way we can guarantee the fastest possible, safe and traceable delivery.

We therefore ask for your understanding that we no longer offer letters or goods consignments and prefer parcels.

We currently ship our products with 






Delivery country Germany Austria Switzerland united state and united kingdoom - canada - europ...

Shipping costs under 50 EUR order value 4.90 EUR 18.00 EUR 39.00 EUR 39.00 EUR

Shipping costs from 50 EUR order value free of charge 15.00 EUR 35.00 EUR 35.00 EUR

Shipping costs for Laurastar ironing systems free of charge EUR 29.00 EUR 49.00 EUR 49.00

Shipping costs for roller irons free of charge EUR 59.00 EUR 89.00 EUR 89.00

Shipping costs for sewing furniture free of charge EUR 115.00 EUR 189.00 EUR 189.00

For deliveries to non-EU countries, additional duties, taxes and fees apply.

For more information on customs duties

please contact us!

We do not deliver to islands abroad.

 We are also happy to deliver to nearby countries by prior arrangement.

In this case, please contact us!

In the case of fully assembled sewing furniture, shipping is generally carried out by a forwarding agent.

 Your order will be processed by us immediately after receipt. 

Depending on your chosen payment method and the availability of the products, your order will be delivered within 1-3 working days after receipt of the money. Please note that if you pay in advance, the delivery time may be delayed, since the transfer of the amount can take between 2 and 5 working days, depending on the bank.

We indicate any deviating delivery times on the respective product page. The delivery time abroad is 3 - 6 working days after receipt of money.

If an ordered item cannot be delivered immediately, we will inform you about the expected delivery date. Any subsequent deliveries are free of shipping costs.

service tip : 

Orders placed by telephone by 2:00 p.m. will be shipped the same day at no extra charge - subject to availability and receipt of payment!

Of course, you can also personally pick up the goods you have ordered from us in our shops in usa and pay or finance them directly on site. Be sure to contact us before picking up the item to ensure the item is in the local warehouse on the day of collection.

 Also often not at home when your package arrives? We have the solution!

In the future, simply have your shipment sent directly to a Packstation of your choice and save yourself a lot of time and effort.

 Information for our customers from Switzerland We are also happy to deliver the items offered to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. However, this requires a special accounting method. The prices given here in the shop include the German VAT rate of 19%. This is not due for customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Only 8% import tax has to be paid to the Swiss/Liechtenstein state. This amount will be billed to you by the parcel service.

 Note on packaging :

According to the provisions of the Packaging Ordinance, we are obliged to take back packaging for our products that does not bear the mark of a system of comprehensive disposal (such as the "Green Dot") and to ensure that it is reused or disposed of.

For further clarification of the return of such products, please contact us:

USA 1756 14 1-2 ave barron Wisconsin 54812

Phone: +17622905948

We will then name a municipal collection point or a disposal company in your area that will accept the packaging free of charge. If this is not possible, you have the option of sending the packaging to us. We reuse the packaging or dispose of it in accordance with the provisions of the Packaging Ordinance.

However, you can also simply give the packaging (cardboard, paper) to the waste paper.

 Note on the battery regulation

In connection with the sale of batteries and accumulators, we as a dealer are obliged under the Battery Ordinance to inform you as a consumer of the following:

You are legally obliged to return batteries and accumulators. Disposal in the household garbage is prohibited. After use, you can return them to a municipal collection point or to a local retailer. You can also customize the batteries we supply